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Friday, July 3, 2009

Pet Stuff Resale helps vet clinic with holiday boarding crunch

Early in the morning of July 2nd I received a "help" call from one of my favorite vet clinics (and previous customer), Jester Plaza vet clinic.
Tricia, Dr Burda's wife and office manager, was
a little anxious as they had gotten a last minute
holiday boarding request from a couple of regular
clients for 4 big dogs!
Holiday boarding can be very hectic as clinics
fill up and space is at a premium, particularly
Fourth of July! wow!
This was no problem for Pet Stuff Resale. I switched my schedule around just a tad and delivered 4 new large crates to them this morning
(July 3rd). They were very happy; Tricia thanked me several times-I kept saying, no problem,
it's what I do!
This is Tricia and her husband Steve, whom I have known for years.( I am in the middle.) He has a very down to earth, calm manner with animals, so I put up with his really corny puns!
Jester Plaza is near the corner of 18th street and T C Jester-number is 713-869-0202.
They have a huge outdoor doggie play area as well as an inside one, so very popular with doggie day care folks.

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