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Friday, July 24, 2009

CraigsList is no place for pets

This is Buddy. I am his fourth placement in 8 months. His crime? I am sure it was "Felonious
Activity Level"; he acted like an unneutered puppy, which he is(was)! This poor dog was on Craigslist twice; fortunately the last "owner" decided to give him to me rather than any of the over 20 other people who emailed him from his $10.00 for sale ad. He was a nice man with limited dog knowledge and I appreciated him letting me take on Buddy to find him a real home.

Buddy had been terribly matted and had not been on heartworm prevention; one previous owner had promised to send vet records, but of course had not.

While Craigslist is good for many things rehoming or obtaining a pet from it is not a good idea and this certainly proves that. If Buddy had been neutered and taken better care of, he would have been a very nice dog by now. He is a bright, happy, lively dog and to his credit does not appear to have been adversely affected by the frequent disruptions in his short life.

Luckily Buddy tested negative for heartworms and is up for adoption thru a Houston area animal shelter. This way there is medical testing and records kept; some accountability for him. Very importantly, he will be microchipped and his home will be screened to prevent him bouncing around from place to place. Being in a foster home, he has fast learned some manners and is now crate trained. He needs an experienced home with a companion dog who also likes to

His breed is difficult to tell; we are guessing some cocker somewhere, maybe some poodle thrown in; he is about 12 lbs.

Many thanks to Ashford Vet Clinic for donating his neuter and to Copperfield Grooming
for donating his terribly cute grooming.

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