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Monday, August 13, 2012

Houston dog faces in the crowd

 Ginger is a new nail trim client of mine and she brought her 3 buddies as well, but she is the prettiest one of all to me. I really like senior faces when I go scouting for dog faces. Puppies? yawn
Penni is a 6 year old stunner!  She is up for adoption  at CAP 281-497-0591. She is very laid back and great with children. Barbara is her foster mom. Her rescuer died suddenly so CAP took on 3 of her dogs.

Bailey was spotted at a donut shop in Rosehill, Texas

Donovan was adopted as a puppy by a CAP employee and he is now moving to Mexico with her!
He is a gentle giant.
Cricket has a metal pin in one front leg but the vet did such a good job you can't tell which one! He needs a home as well.I am his foster. He is modeling a belly band which is a great invention for some male chihuahuas.
Leonard is Baileys roommate and also at the Rosehill donut shop.
It is great fun sharing with you the dog faces I find in my travels. Please visit and like the Pet Stuff Resale page on Facebook. cell 7 days a week is 817-480-8400
Janet Huey

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