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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Neat, fun dog items at Houston's Pet Stuff Resale

This is a new, elevated, portable dog bed by Coleman. The box says medium/large; I say up to male cocker size. (tote included)  23.00  SOLD

Large Pet Porter in excellent condition   24x26x36
55.00  SOLD

This Gentle Leader was never used, dog panicked, said "No way" Meduim 12.00
7" sturdy bowls  10.00 for the set
This is a new toy for LARGE dogs 5.00 SOLD

This bed is in excellent condition.
It is SO nice and squishy! The bed part is plush as well, many of them are great on the sides, but the dog lays on the base where the layers are often skimpy. This could be for big cats as well, it has both dog and cat figures on it. 14.00 SOLD

I am pleased with the quality of all of these items

Thank you for reading and sharing this blog. My cell is 817-480-8400, 7 days a week.
Please keep Elfin the chihuahua puppy in your thoughts next week; he is having extensive orthopedic surgery on Monday. His FB page is "Elfin the chihuahua needs new knees"
Unfortunately, Elfin had to be euthanized during surgery. His FB page is being kept to showcase other dogs needing medical assistance.
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