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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Cranky cats need love too says Tatiana

This gorgeous cat came to Citizens for Animal Protection so emaciated
that it was thought she was too far gone to save and that she would have
feleuk or FIV. Shelters can't afford to test all 4 year old cats for
diseases so she was scheduled for euthanasia. I'm not very experienced
at cats but wanted to try to save her because Snowshoe cats are usually
very adoptable. She tested negative for both.
"No good deed goes unpunished" fits in the rescue world time and time
again. Tatiana rewarded me for saving her by getting better nicely
and turning into the Wicked Cat. She became so nasty at the shelter
she was politely asked to leave. It couldn't be the stress, at my house
she has a VERY noisy parrot to contend with so noise is not a problem.
Now she's back with me to try and get her adopted thru the shelter
website to someone willing to let her chill quite a while before
expecting her manners to return.
Of course I have to say she is prettier than her picture indicates!

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