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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Be careful buying recycled pet supplies on Craigslist (or anywhere)

Recycled pet supplies are great for several reasons, not just the price! One reason I founded Pet

Stuff Resale, before the current "green" wave, was to keep plastic out of landfills.
It is a buyer beware situation in the secondary market however.

This Oceanic fish tank is a perfect example. Someone has one like it on Craigslist here in Houston. What is not stated is that hoods and lights are no longer made for this
hex shape so the tank is worth less. It is so common to buy hoods and lights separately that
a casual buyer might not think to question it.

Pet Stuff Resale has this tank for 48.00, lower than the Craigslist posting, but
with the note that the lights are no longer manufactured. My personal integrity
(raised by a Southern mom!) demands honesty with my clients.
An acrylic top could be made and with more work a mesh top as this would
be great for something like Fire Bellied Toads.


Pet Supplies said...

You could just remove the old lighting system and replace it with your own custom made one, or have someone do it like a hobbyist. Shouldn't be that complicated for just a simple light.q

Janet Huey said...

You're right' I should have mentioned the option of having one
custom made.(Neither set up had the old lighting system.)
Buying used is often to save money
and custom is usually more expensive than new and time comsuming.
Thanks for your post, please visit again. I'd like to learn more about fish myself.