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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Five small dog napping niches for under $10 at Pet Stuff Resale

This 17x17 canvas cube holds its shape after being jumped on, so small dogs still feel elevated, an all important factor! The base is plastic so it stays cleaner. It also has a pouch for holdinng treats and toys. 9.00

This hideaway is held in place by velcro so can fold up for transport to your weekend swankienda. Gives small dogs a place to hide, yet watch all that is going on. About 12x17, it has a removeable fleecy pad. 8.00 

 These mummy sleeping bags(their real description) are addictive for small, burrowing dogs. They can be used unzipped  for several dogs or folded over for just one dog. The pink one is about 4 ft long, the blue one a tad shorter and is from REI . I currently have 3 sleeping bags on  my bed to reduce encroachment skirmishes.  8.00

Your dog could be here!
 This vinyl cube also holds its shape when a dog jumps into it and is a little lighter in weight than the canvas one, but the same size.  7.00

All of these items have been consumer tested by various rodents at my house, mostly chihuahuas, and meet their admittedly low standards. If it's soft, they are happy. I can vouch for durabiity and cleanliness!

A reminder that if you take a picture of your pet in/on any itme purchased form Pet Stuff Resale, I will feature them in a future blog.

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