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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Houston veterinarians shop at Pet Stuff Resale!

Dr Kathy Sutton is a repeat customer at Pet Stuff Resale as well as a great friend to rescue while she was a practicing vet. She has helped many foster dogs in the years I have known her. My favorite "save" of hers
was a wonderfly mellow dachshund who came into a shelter about ready to whelp and with a major load of heartworms, not  a dog a shelter could usually save. Dr Sutton was able to spay her and save all 4 puppies!
Sweetness was treated for heartworms and adopted out. (She and her daughter Faith Abby have both been mentioned in this blog)
Dr Sutton is pictured here with her own precious rescue dog, whose owner no longer wanted. I wish I had taken a closeup of his holiday attire, he likes to wear outfits. She was buying large dog crates and an x pen from meand I met her at her former vet clinic to deliver; I keep on the look out for certain dog items she likes. I can do that for you also! Dr Sutton was also wearing a beautiful (ok I am going to be tacky here, HUGE) new diamond wedding ring, a present from her husband Mike for their 30th wedding anniversary on Jan 5th. Congrats to both of them.

Dr Bill Folger, cat vet expert, ordered a new 6 ft cat tree for his wife Michelle for Christmas, sort of. He said it was also to keep the cats off the tree! I suspect it helped but not completely! I delivered it to his house and
he was nice enough to help me as the 6 footers are BIG and HEAVY. Thanks to Michelle for fostering about 50 cats/kittens in 2009.
Dr Folger ordered from Pet Stuff Resale because Dr Courtney Forbes had gotten a cat tree from me and liked it so much and must have mentioned it to Dr Folger when she took her cat to him..

Dr and Mrs Burda of Jester Plaza  Vet Clinic are also repeat customers at Pet Stuff Resale-they like to buy
new wire crates for overflow  boarders. I delivered to them also this holiday season.

Thanks to all of them and to you for being customers and fans of me and my business!

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Jenni Ritchie said...

I'm a fan of Pet Stuff Resale and Dr. Folger, who educated me about the use of calcitriol for treating feline chronic renal failure. Thanks to this, my beloved Norwegian Forest Cat is on the verge of her 19th birthday and doing well for a senior kitty.