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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Foster dogs and sweaters need new homes at Pet Stuff Resale:)

Flan the chihuahua is now all of 14 weeks old and waiting for his new home. He is crate "aware", not quite trrained yet and has learned to whip out of his sweater in seconds flat! He plays nicely by himself with stuffies, but also likes to play with other dogs and LOVES to run thru the leaves at the park across the street.
He was turned in at a shelter as a stray at 4 weeks, who would leave a tiny puppy outside?

Kirby the 7 year old cocker (I thought he was 10) has no interest in removing his sweater, he likes them, wanted a new one on our last trip to Petsmart. He wants a home who handles his slight dominance with
a firm but gentle manner; he understands immediately that he has pushed his luck just a hair too far. He is
a very nice dog, TOTALLY housebroken, quiet and a great walking dog. He has the demeanor of a 4 year old dog. His owner died and he has been in my care since August. He has learned to get along with other dogs and loves to ride in the truck, can't figure out why we sometimes walk right past it!

Both dogs are available for adoption thru a shelter and so are both sweaters for 4.00 and 7.00 at Pet Stuff Resale!

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