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Friday, December 25, 2009

Febreeze Flameless Luminary a great present for pet owners anytime.

What a great present this was from my good friend Greta Jean, who is a Foo-Foo Queen, but this is practical also. The flameless part is a self explanatory safety feature for any pet owner, who can remember turned over, broken and chewed possessions from their first day of fostering or ownership of an animal.
The aroma is delightful;I received green tea citrus. In fact it was a little strong for my small master bedroom
because I have to be extra careful with scents around my macaw, Harpo. It is perfect in the living room.

The price, at 14.99 (at Walgreens) was a little stiff for a self proclaimed tightwad (which Greta knows well!), but having tried it, I will repurchase. I have counted 4 dead  "half" candles around my house due to wicks burning out, so the price is worth it for the long term results. Each luminary lasts 4 hours
and can be turned off merely by raising the little scent holder. The refills are very inexpensive and grab your
heart, the batteries are included!
The luminary is part ofthe Febreeze Home Collection with similiar items and is easy to find using Google.
I have not been paid for this recommendation. This is just the best aroma difuser I have ever used.
Thank you Greta!
She is also my friend who fostered and adopted the L O N G dachshund, Mikey and adopted the 13 year
old Snoop dachshund, even paying for his long over due dental, both of whom have been featured in a previous blog.


Shelagh said...


Not having a live wick is a good idea with animals around, particularly curious cats.

However, I just checked PETA's web site and Procter and Gamble (owners of Febreeze) are still doing product testing on animals. Until they stop that practice I will not buy their products, including this one.

Nicole Abrams said...

Janet, We have one and I love it! It is especially helpful for cats that like to knock things off counters! Alicia and I also like our candle warmer. You go through candles a bit quicker, but it is much safer for pets as well!