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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

8.2 lb pupster needs a new knee and a new name

This one year old LIVELY male(yorkie mix?) obviously has belonged to someone recently; he is clean and heartworm negative. Why he is not neutered and microchipped is beyond me. Two of us could not get him to look at the camera, he was a little wild man. He was just as squirmy at the vet. This injury is rather old and needs either fixing or amputation. I was hoping he could just be put up for adoption as a special needs dog, but
the vet evaluation proved that would not be responsible
rescue protocol. The "fixit" is estimated to be 750.00(very reasonable) and amputation willbe 350.00. Shelter resources are never flush so this is not a dog that could be saved in the current economy.....however with a couple of dollars here and there and 2 people tell 2 other people he could have a happy life.
A generous donor instantly wrote  a check for 150.00 today without even seeing a picture of the dog, so I am hopeful.

Next he needs a name. Due to his activity level, I looked at a naming site under traits and
found several for active dogs. My choices are Deuce, Boogie(I could all night long) and Nitro.
Please vote for your favorite. Several people have indicated problems trying to comment on previous blog posts, so please let me know if that happens.

Many thanks to the mystery vet who donated the xrays!

ps-He will also wake up neutered!
pps-Of course he will need a new home as well.

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