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Monday, November 30, 2009

Easy way to help cats and kittens at BARC in Houston

BARC(animal control) is in dire need of disposable litter boxes and newspapers; they are using paper plates
temporarily for litter pans. The cardboard bottoms of canned pet food are perfect for litter boxes, small and
disposable, so keep an eye out at pet stores. If you can snag any from grocery stores before they are crushed, that would be great. Of course, not just pet food ones there, any cardboard base/tray will work:)
(Don't get me started on why permanent litter boxes are not used.)

BARC is also in need of newspapers so please save those as well.

I will be happy to be  a drop off point; since I sell in front of the Greater Good every weekend 12-4, you
can bring there or email me for alternative connecting.

I like projects like this where we can make a difference and not open our checkbooks!

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