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Monday, November 9, 2009

These dogs are alive because of Houston veterinarians and foster families.

These 5 precious furkids are all very lucky for several reasons. They all came into a shelter with heartworms,which prevents their adoption(dogs should never be adopted out with heartworms). The number of heartworm positive dogs in Houston is horrendous and many cannot be saved. In these cases foster families were found to house them for the 8-10 weeks and vets were kind enough to donate or discount their expensive treatment.

As a veteran rescue person, it bothers me that so many pet owners do not have their dogs on heartworm prevention when they can find money for other things. The treatment is not only expensive, it is time consuming for the shelter or rescue group and very painful for the dog.

I wish owners had to witness the shots.

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Euri said...

They even have generic Heartgard so there's really no excuse.