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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Pet Stuff Resale does personal shopping for clients.

This is Linda, whom I met when she and her husband Allen adopted a senior chihuahua, Ricky, from me.
We immediately became buds and she has become one of my best customers as well as a repeat
adopter of another senior chi, Ricky!
I have mentioned Linda in a previous post as me being her personal shopper. Her dog Micah has his own toddler bed from Pet Stuff Resale. Having been to their home I know their tastes and all of their dogs (and turtles and chickens). That makes it great fun when I am roaming thru my inventory haunts and something jumps out at me that would be perfect for their brood.
About once a quarter we meet and she goes thru my truck bed and picks out what she likes,
which is about 95% of what I bring. She insists on buying lunch EVERY time and we each think we have the better end of this great relationship.
I could be your personal shopper too and you don't have to buy my lunch!

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