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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Kitten in a ferret cage, chihuahua in an aquarium?

Stephen Lee(named after the vet who saved his life) came to me as a rescue kitten weighing a whopping 8 oz. Housing for him proved difficult as he
was so tiny he could slip thru a wire cage and to be living in full time
a plastic one was too confining. A friend had just given me a rectangular
bird cage that was perfect, tiny bar spacing and a big enough opening
for a small litter box. (I used a metal Twinings Tea tin!). I used a waffle cloth towel so he wouldn't get his claws caught in the loops of a regular towel. He now weighs 16 oz and too big for that cage so today I moved him to a tall ferret cage and wrapped the ladder with a washcloth so he wouldn't get caught on the rails. He LOVES the increased climbing possibilities and is a tiny bit more coordinated to handle the height. I should have taken pictures.

Last Christmas I was selling during an Open House and it was quite chilly,
so I put my foster chihuahua in the aquarium shown. It was perfect, as it kept the wind off of him and people could still see him. Of course the sweater he had on was for sale:)He was a great "hook" to my booth.

This is yet another fun part of my job; finding alternative pet housing for clients needs. Pet Stuff Resale can help you with any unusual request
or a situation where traditional housing is not working for your pet.

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