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Monday, November 2, 2009

Vets pick up the slack for owner neglect.

This is Dawson. He came into a shelter not only being 9 years old, but with horrendous teeth, emaciated, testicular cancer and of course, heartworms. In the best of economies he would not be considered for fostering and medical care due to his age and extent of medical problems. He is only alive because I thought it would be good practice for a new vet at Westbury Animal Hospital and they agreed. He is named after her. Dr. Dawson ended up not being available and so my regular vet saint Dr. Jeff Chalkley got him fixed right up anyway. Now Dawson is undergoing the very painful heartworm treatment and not doing very well. Dr. Chalkley will be inducted as the new President of the Harris County Veterinary Medical Association next month. I am so blessed to have him helping in rescue! There are not adequate words for the former owner.

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