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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Can you be open minded about pit bulls?

This is Bahrain, 4 months old, already neutered.
 Branching out from showcasing items from Pet Stuff Resale, in this post 2 foster dogs are being profiled. Citizens for Animal Protection is one of the few shelters that evaluates pit type breeds instead of automatically euthanizing or turning them away. Potential adopters are screened specifically about their interest in the breeds.
These two unrelated pups have mild upper respiratory infections and needed about 10 days in isolation.

The economy and fires have reduced adoption options so drastically that it will be even tougher than usual to place them. These two are protected by having a foster, but still need wide exposure to find them good homes. Please share this so I can take the next 2 dogs that need me.

He has NOT had an ear enhancement procedure!

Trying to showcase Bahrains freckles was tough; there are so many neat
smells in the woods to distract the dogs. I am not even guessing as to each ones primary breed.
Colonel is a 5 month old pit mix, also neutered. He is about 40 lbs and a little more macho right now than Bahrain, who is a 35 lb wuus.

Yea, they are both crate trained!
They both can sit on command and they have heard of "stay", but are convinced I can't possibly mean it. Many, many photos were taken to get just 2-3 with as little motion"blur" as possible.

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Anonymous said...

I have to admit, if I had an opening, I would consider these dogs. I know a vet who swears they are the sweetest dogs and owns one herself.