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Monday, September 19, 2011

Pet Stuff Resale saves a monkey during the Magnolia fires!

The unusual thing about the rescue is that I wasn't even aware of it until much later!

5 lb evacuee Honey B who is looking for a very quiet all adult home

Evacuee Bingo, very shy terrier mix, looking for an all adult home
with other dogs
After I evacuated for the 4th time, my neighbor called and asked if someone could borrow one of the dog crates in the front yard. (I confess, I had not unloaded completely, all of the things I sell on weekends should have already been back in the garage. It was Labor Day and I was lazy...) I immediately said anyone could have anything to help move their pets out.

A week after we returned some neighbors stopped by and wanted to buy the crate they had taken. They told me the crate meant they could save one more monkey; I was stunned as I had  forgotten about the crate and had just assumed whoever it had been was fleeing with a dog! They were able to get 6 out and before leaving released the 2 for which they had no room. Note: these are legally kept monkeys and have a neat habitat we can see from the road, but the monkeys did not want their pictures taken for this post.
It was very nice to have helped, even though totally by accident.

One of the things I should have done was have the dogs rabies certificates, but more importantly, have a picture of each one. I did not expect to get separated from them and wasn't but at noon on Labor Day I was in Brenham
with no clue that I would be evacuating by 6 pm.

There are still over 30 animals at Baker Vet Clinic in Waller that have not been reclaimed. If you have room, please consider one of them. They will not be able to keep them indefinitely.

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