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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Pet supplies I can personally recommend for fleeing a fire.

Evacuating with pets from any disaster is tough at best; I am extremely grateful to all of the law enforcement folks that made it orderly. It was also a major help that I had so many pet supplies on hand.
 I would have had crates for the dogs if I didn't already own Pet Stuff Resale, but probably would not have invested in this puppy pen before the Magnolia fire. It was such a major help it gave me the idea to share;the stress reduction was incredible. There was no worry about a scared dog backing out of a collar or otherwise getting loose or jumping out of the pen. It was used for feeding and potty both since it could be moved around. 75.00 at Pet Stuff Resale
 (It is not recommended to feed dogs together, especially when they are stressed, no matter how friendly they are. There was a time issue at that point, I stood right there and grabbed a dog as soon as the picture was taken)
The crate below is great for small dogs and cats, being able to lift them out thru the top is a big advantage. It is amazing how such small legs can brace against the traditional door. Vet clinics really like these for cats. Note, sometimes, the wire top pulls loose at the latches, I recommend anchoring with ties to prevent an escape. 17.00

Leo is a very shy dog on the best of days so NOT interested in modeling this next crate, a Kennel Cabin. He weighs 4 lbs; any bigger and this crate would not be appropriate. The crate on the right, also a Kennel Cabin, has a wire top with a small opening. I evacuated a Quaker parrot and a cockatiel together in it. It is also great for most other small mammals and reptiles. 12.00 each
The wee wee pads were a God send, a bud had just given them to me 2 days before; I did not realize their value in an evacuation until I was grabbing stuff in haste. They were great not only for crates but also on the truck seat for car seats when the dogs were not crated. Honey B said not to tell...just a little car sickness on the first day.

Evacuation was mandatory Monday, then Tuesday, then Wednesday. By then the dogs were thinking this was a new routine. I began this blog on Thursday and in the middle of typing and loading pictures, we all had to bolt immediately.We got NO notice due to the rapidity of fires renewing and I was not allowed back in until Sunday.

The only reason I still have a house is that a neighbor defied the mandatory evacuation, so was there when a spark ignited in his back yard, from probably a mile away. Firefighters could not have gotten there in time. I am so blessed. 
Everyone is fine and settled back in. Many thanks to Razelle and Mark Smith who housed all of us. I cannot express the importance of being better prepared than I was to leave with your pets on short notice.


Anonymous said...

These items are not only needed for evacuating wild fires, but Hurricanes too. Remember to have crates or kennels, leashes, food, towels and blankets aways ready, because when the time comes it's too late to buy them. Also keep all the supplies in one place, so you can grab in a hurry!

shea said...

wow, thanks for the tips. I thought I was ready but haven't been tested. Great ideas!