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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wells Fargo bank has pet insurance!

This has been my bank since 1997, when I started Pet Stuff Resale. I was just on the phone
with a representative (and so happy to be speaking to a live person who was not in India).
She was having difficulty accessing my account and made some reference to my password, which big surprise, is one of my dogs name! That triggered the very nice rep, named Rebekkah, to
mention that Wells Fargo offers pet insurance. I think that is pretty neat!

Hosted by Veterinary Pet Insurance 1-888-341-0780, it not only covers traditional pets such as dogs and cats, but also exotics, such as parrots(I have 3), snakes, iguanas, even pot bellied pigs and hedgehogs. Rebekkah and her daughter Simone have 2 pet rats, which are great pets; maybe they are covered also.

I have no experience with this company; this is not an endorsement one way or another, I am just sharing information.
Kudos to Wells Fargo for providing this service.
(Also, kudos to both Rebekkah and a previous rep Jeanine who was helping me when we got cut off. I got great service from them both)

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