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Friday, August 7, 2009

Happy dog clients of Pet Stuff Resale!

Bijoux and Micah are not the only dog shoppers in this family; Ricky and Rocky the chihuahuas are frequent visitors also to!

Linda and Allen first adopted my former foster Rocky several years and became good friends as well as frequent customers of PSR. In fact, Linda and I just found out thanks to Facebook that we share the same August 1st birthday.

One of the neat things about my relationship with them is that I know when I am shopping and an item is perfect for this multidog family. It just JUMPS out at me!

This toddler bed is a perfect example. When I saw it I thought of Micah; I confess I did not think of Bijoux, but glad Micah shares. (I will show Bijoux in next post) Wick and Wock, as we call them, like hidey places, so any teepee type of housing gets their perusal.

My next appointment with them is to look at a Kittywalk so the chihuahuas can stroll at their
beach house in the shade and not actually walk!

(There are also turtles and chickens at this home, but they do not shop much.)

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