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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Lola the Bulldog loves going to the Spa!

As I was standing in Copperfield Grooming chatting with Kat the owner, this lovely lady barrelled into the shop, dragging her owner over to the self service tubs.I couldn't believe it! Lola's owners told me she loves coming in for her baths. It was so cute I had to go get my camera and share her excitement.
Her buddy, whose name I have forgotten, (Benz?) was
the total opposite, he was underwhelmed by the entire
ordeal..His daddy had to load him unwillingly into his tub.
Each dog thought the other one was nuts!

Kat donates groomings regularly for my foster dogs so I
had been happy to loan her some crates for cat neuters.
What a nice surprise to run into this family outing while picking them back up.
Pet Stuff Resale buys, sells and rents new and used pet supplies and I have a TON of fun in the process.
Thank you Lola, for making my day!

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Sandie Lee said...

So cute. You have a great Blog for a wonderful cause :)