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Monday, February 22, 2010

Cat Heaven at Jester Plaza Vet Clinic

The headline and pictures could be the entire blog post! This is the neatest set up I have ever seen
for cats and a great "chill out" room for them. This also doubles as an exam room for exotics. I think it also belongs in cat boarding facilities. Is kitty day care next? For a room like this, cats would travel!

This set up was designed by Tricia Burda, wife
of Dr Steve Burda of Jester Plaza Vet Clinic.
I was so amazed but not suprised by her talent.
She could market the plans for this set up.
I sat in a chair and just soaked up the neatness
of this cat heaven.
The yellow box even has a hidden door to accommodate a litter box.
Those are real tree branch pieces up there also..
Yes, that is a kitty door at the bottom.

Wouldn't ferals have a great time in here? They would never get caught again:)

Complying with Internet rules, I am disclosing that I  have accepted no compensation for this endorsement. In fact the Burdas don't even know I am posting it.

JPVC is near 18th and TC Jester just outside the Loop in Houston, Tx. 713-869-0202

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Anonymous said...

I'm jealous! My cats would love this!