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Friday, February 26, 2010

Wheel Away transports dogs in style, saves your back

The Wheel Away is one of the sturdiest doggie "totes" I have ever evaluated. In fact, it is so conducive
to being rolled on the ground that I do not recommend it to be used as a back pack, for which it is also
made. This is the medium size, up to maybe 15 lbs. (I never trust manufacturer recommendations due to experience, I always test with real animals.) Tugboat weighs 12 lbs.
The materials are canvas and mesh. It does zip all the way to enclose the dog entirely if wanted.
This is in excellent condition. I do not think it was ever even used.
$45.00 at Pet Stuff Resale

The hesitant model Tugboat is my own dog. I fostered his litter (during Hurricane Ike!) after his owner turned them in as an unexpected litter. I so hope he got the mom spayed, he did keep her.
She was a Blue Heeler and he said one of the dads was a chihuahua. I thought Tugboat was the runt, but then figured out his size is the chihuahua influence. When even his female littermates weighed 2
lbs., he was barely 1 lb.

(His 2 sisters Mandy and Pandy are still up for adoption. They are stunning looking, look like long haired miniature Blue heelers at 15 lbs each. Yes, I have pictures.)
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