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Monday, May 3, 2010

Multipurpose Plastic Play Yard popular request at Pet Stuff Resale

This plastic play yard is even more versatile than a wire exercise pen. The hole configuration of the walls reduces climbing, very common in chihuahuas and yorkies. It can also be used for small kittens and rabbits and guinea pigs.

This is 26' tall and each panel is 33", so 17 linear ft total.
At the big box pet stores it runs 79.00 to 89.00.
At Pet Stuff Resale it is 55.00
The 2 litter mates Mandy and Pandy are still up for adoption. At  just under 2 years, they are 15 lbs each.

1 comment:

Calsidyrose said...

Hi Janet:

Please don't be offended re: the old Chihuahua. All of us at the Shelter agreed that the old Chi IS fugly! But we're doing what we can for this little feisty guy!

Thanks so much for your offer--we can't fly him to Detroit unaccompanied in the cabin, so we're still looking at transport options! However, we may be in contact with you if our Detroit connection falls through.

Yours, Cathi

btw, I've spent my dog money for June but this playpen is on my wish list!