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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Pet Stuff Resale celebrates Earth Day with a little PSR history

Established in 1997, Pet Stuff Resale came into being because I saw a need
for people to save money when their puppy outgrew its crate and needed a new one. I also saw things thrown out when the pet died. I was actually surprised that no one had thought of this idea before and so far, it appears to still be the only business of its kind in the entire US.

My secondary goal was to keep crates and other pet items out of area landfills; I have made many trips to C and D Scrap Metal in the Heights.
Now I have a trailer and look in Craig's List when it fills up and someone
comes and takes it to recycling for me!

I had an ethical dilemma about burning plastic but have decided that is a lesser impact than taking up so much space in a landfill, as bulky as plastic is.
Fortunately judicious burning is allowed in Waller County; I only have to
landfill during burn ban times.

Many pet items can be reused as different habitats. Once a finch flight
cage became a great snake habitat and a long bird cage was perfect for raising a tiny kitten. This also makes my job incredibly fun.

Pet Stuff Resale also rents and takes trade ins, further extending the reduce, reuse, recycle circle.
Rebel,  above(terrible picture) loved this childs napping cot. Unfortunately for her it was sold immediately
after the picture was taken for an um, plus sized pug. Both the cots and childs sleeping bags are sold often
at Pet Stuff Resale for spoiled dogs who deserve them. Rebel herself was "recycled" or actually "dumped"
at a shelter when she was 12; I adopted her and she is one of the best dogs I have ever had.

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