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Monday, April 19, 2010

Tokyo cage(Cat condo) has multiple uses

This is a great multiple use cage for foster people, vet clinics and people with limited storage space.
Momma cats with kittens or after separating them is a great use. Feral cat acclimation is another popular use. The ferret cage is a little diffferent, but this can also be used for them, as well as small parrots.

This is a generic brand that is very similiar to the Midwest brand, which is a very good brand.
I specifically recommend not getting the Pro Select brand. Even after they made improvements,
I am sure due to consumer complaints, it is not the same quality and as long as these cages last,
get the better construction. This folds up nicely, can be stored under or behind a sofa when not in use. The folded up wire fits into the base

This one came into Pet Stuff Resale without the wheels; they are inexpensive and available at any hardware store. I prefer them with out the wheels as dust cannot accumulate under it. The shelves are rather difficult to install(in any Tokyo cage); one attachment has broken, can still be used as a lower shelf. I can also show you how to make an easier shelf.

I have never learned why it is called a Tokyo cage. It is confusing to call it a cat condo because
to some people that is a carpeted item.


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