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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Houston dogs live due to Pepsi Refresh grant!

People all over the US have been voting every day (some for 2 months straight!) in the Pepsi Refresh Project in hopes of a 5,000.00 grant to treat heartworm positive dogs in Houston. This is a major medical problem and expensive to treat. The sad situation is that it is so much cheaper to prevent than treat. The burden falls
on shelters and rescue groups to, in essence, clean up after ignorant or noncompliant owners. In the current economy, many fewer dogs have been able to be saved, so the grant potential has literally been a lifesaver.
Thanks to Pepsi for providing the resources for me
to help.

This little boy and the buddy he came in with will benefit
from every ones hard work.
If you register to be a blog follower you will get regular updates and LOTS of pictures over several months. The Pepsi verification will take several weeks, so keep in touch to see the lucky dog faces. The first dog treated will be from sheltie rescue.
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