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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Help this rescue pom get a new name

 This precious 7 year old baby needs multiple medical issues addressed, as well as a name. He was turned in as a stray; he needs neutering, a dental and some major orthopedic "fixin". He has a luxating patella so severe it makes his knee curve under his belly; his only complaint is that he can't switch sides when it comes
to marking my 18 pine trees!
He is also fighting pneumonia, which will give me time to come up with a creative fundraising project for the
knee. A certain vet sometimes slips during surgery  and a dog ends up neutered, it's weird, so we're probably  looking at 550.00 for dental and knee.
Thank you God for all of my vets!
He is heartworm negative and weighs maybe 7 lbs.
Now to the most important task, a new name!
His working name is Elfin. Please add your original suggestions here to give him a new name to go with
his new start!

1 comment:

Lynne said...

His name should be "Lucky", but we all know that is way to common of a name. How about Happy! He will be even more HAPPY after all his problems are resolved.