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Monday, March 22, 2010

Keep voting at the Pepsi Refresh Project for heartworm positive dogs in Houston

Another update-We are hanging on to #7 in the voting to receive a 5000.00 grant to treat heartworm positive dogs in Houston! I am cautiously optimistic; would like to be a little further away from the bubble, so
please email your buds to still vote everyday until 3/31. I have had the best luck with this website designation: Thanks to so many people who have faithfully done this to ensure saving a bunch of dogs.
We are under The Planet.
Emme, pictured in the last update, did start the slow treatment, so that is good news!

I am picking up a really sad looking Norwich terrier from Harric County on Thursday, she is probably going to be heartworm positive. She is so matted I am hoping no mosquitos were able to get thru.Thanks to the
phantom donor who is paying her transfer fee outta there! For some reason I cannot dowwnload her picture
here but have been able to email it, so feel free to ask to see her!

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