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Friday, March 26, 2010

It's raining cats and chihuahuas in Houston rescue

Kitten season runs from March to November in Houston, where  more kittens are available for adoption than there are homes. Even sadder, the availability of kittens overwhelms shelters and rescue groups with "less adoptable" adult cats. Talk about age discrimination! I don't get it. I am currently fostering Stephen Lee the kitten, who is a definite deterrent to me fostering a kitten in the future. He is on the left in the orange cat picture.(ok, he is really a cream tabby, not orange) He is very cute but very energetic.Fortunately the adult male cats have pretty much raised him; the females have tried to ignore him. SL was handed to me when he weighed 8 oz and is named after Stephen L. Burda, DVM of Jester Plaza Vet Clinic who saved his life(mostly by email :) when he had multiple problems. One eye is slightly smaller than the other as well.
Temple on the right was himself raised by a surrogate mom after his biological mom killed the rest of his litter
and he in turn has helped raise Stephen Lee. He is a year old and named after a type of Florida orange.

The top picture features another overabundant breed rescue "client". Chihuahuas are everywhere! Yes, Paris Hilton did contribute to this problem, but so did Traders Village in my opinion and Taco Bell was the original criminal. Their demand at shelters has gone way down. 3 year old  Rica on the left feels discriminated against. She came from a backyard breeder of a different breed, who surrendered those dogs to that rescue. I was asked take Rica(and her heartworms). She has been successfully treated and has also settled down a bunch. She is quite the snuggler and despite the picture, does get along with cats.

Not showing well, but also an affectionate, sometimes sportingly feisty baby, is Tucker. He is a 2-3 year old
declawed Siamese male, dumped at a shelter by an owner who could no longer be bothered. He has been
a great coparent to SL and of course gets along with dogs.

All of these babies need permanent homes...outta of mine! They all are used to dry food only and none are
picky eaters nor have any health problems.

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tami said...

It was both an honor and privelage to meet you. What your doing for these animals is beyond words thank you . Give bubbles crew love from me.