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Thursday, April 15, 2010

2 Blue Heeler mix sisters need home together in Houston

These 18 month old sisters are great fun and play nonstop, keeping each other entertained all day. They
are very shy around a camera; in the pictures they almost look like wild animals I found in the woods!
I have fostered  them since they were 4 weeks old; I am  sometimes criticized for keeping fosters too long,
but am particularly glad I did here. Their behavior has changed somewhat as adults; they will gang up
on a submissive dog now, but get along with other assertive dogs.
Mom was a blue heeler, the owner said a chihuahua was also one of the daddies. They are both under 15 lbs
and are at full weight. They are spayed and crate trained.
Mandy is the darker one and is a little dominant over Pandy, the lighter one.

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