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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

More dog faces in the crowd

Several people commented positively when I did a "dog faces in the crowd" before, so I am doing another one!
This is Raven and her eyes always look like this, not just at the vet~another dog not interested in a camera....

So many parts of my job are fun; seeing so many different dogs is one of them. The 2 babies above were terribly cute together and didn't really want to stop sniffing for a photo op:)
All of these dogs were at the Greater Good just by coincidence.
This is Sandy with her foster person who had found her 2 years ago. Sandy was getting a last heartworm test
before meeting her new mom.
So many aspects of rescue, especially with the economy(or using the economy as an excuse), are sad, so I
make a point of finding happy endings or positive rescue stories to share with you.

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