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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Kirby needs a home

This beautiful cocker was adopted about 6 years ago and his owner died this year. No one in the family was able to take him so he was returned to the shelter and adopted
the next day! Sadly he was returned for aggression 3 1/2 months later, then went after a shelter manager so was not going to be put back up for adoption. His first foster person would not take him back either.
He has been staying at my house while I have been looking for a home for him and I can
say that he is NOT at all aggressive if the person is watching his behavior. He was
aggressive with me at the vet clinic because I was STUPID and approached him too fast
as a stranger. If he is allowed to come out of his crate instead of a hand going in after him, he is a perfect gentleman.In his second home, he was allowed on the bed
which can add to dominance issues. I have had Kirby since August 2nd and have not
had any behavior problems AT ALL.
He is quiet, well behaved and does not act like a 9 year old dog at all. His eyes are clear and he can tire me out on a walk! He loves to go in the truck and is well mannered with other dogs. He likes shopping at Petsmart. Kirby is crate trained and eats dry food only. His coat
is rather short. He is fine with cats also. I would put him with older children who understand not to get right in his face, as with any dog.
Please consider Kirby as I can not add him to my gang . My job is fostering, not permanent home status. He has done nothing wrong to deserve this house shuffle.

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Euri said...

Aww, a fellow cocker. You're such a nice lady to foster Kirby.

Write me at if you want me to profile Kirby on my blog. I hope he finds a home soon.