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Friday, March 9, 2012

Finding pet stuff out in the cold and rain!

Carlson metal gate with 2 extensions and little door   50.00
27" gate, plus 12" extension, plus 7" extension. The little pass thru is one of this industry's best invention in my opinion.
 Local flea market garage sale just setting up today but opened it up to the public due to the weather discouraging shoppers over the weekend. My gain is your gain, as my bud was working it; thank goodness for cell phones:)

Handwashable bed for princess dog or cat  7.00

Elfin the chihuahua still looking for a media story to raise funds for orthopedic surgery. Here he is enjoying the beautiful landscaping at Ch 2 KPRC. (The sign says AJ's landscaping; I don't know them so this is an unsolicited promo for them) Follow Elfin at knees
Elevated feeder/waterer    16.00
small dog or cat crate  10.00  sold

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