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Monday, June 18, 2007

Pet Microchipping doesn't work

if you don't actually register the pet in your name. It is not uncommon for dogs and cats to come into shelters and the employees are excited when they scan it and find a chip,
then get so disappointed when the chip has not been registered or the number is no longer valid.
Puppies from puppy mills are not often updated to reflect the purchaser either.

It is now a Texas state law that all animals adopted from shelters are microchipped prior to
being released to an adopter. This is a welcomed tool to reunite pets with their owners and
reduce the terribly high euthanasia rate. Do your part, make sure the information is current.

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Thelma said...

Hi Janet,
I found a yellow Home Again micrchip tag in Petsmart's parking lot last weekend. I called HomeAgain to see if I could reunite the tag with the owner and dog, however the chip was not registered. Do most of the shelters scan for a chip now? IGCA will scan a stray or found dog, usually taking them to a local vet. Thelma