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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Why give your holiday pet rescue donation NOW?

Between Thanksgiving and New Years shelters and rescue groups have their lowest number of pets for several reasons. The birth rate is lower in the winter, so there are very few puppies and kittens compared to the summer months. Pets are also often given as gifts, which sounds great but is actually not a good idea.(More on that when we get closer to holiday time.)

Now is when your gift to shelters and rescue groups is most needed. Whether
its money or food, both run low in the summer months. Please spread the word on this and also suggest for people who still have to give at the holidays for that wonderful warm fuzzy feeling(and that's understandable!), consider a gift card. Space is so limited it's difficult to store large quantities of food and gift cards can be used as needed. Gift cards don't even need to be to pet stores; grocery store gift cards can be used as items such as bleach and paper towels are always needed and take up lots of space. The grocery store cards can be a double benefit also if your designated charity on the card is already a shelter!

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