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Thursday, June 28, 2007

One dog owners' neglect took 16 people to repair.

A horribly matted, 2 year old schnauzer mix came into Citizens for Animal Protection
recently. Unfortunately he also had contagious mange and heartworms and hadn't been neutered. With a minimum of 6 weeks required to fix all those problems and many other dogs needing help, shelters can't save every dog. Pauli got lucky.
Someone found him, an employee checked him in, someone gave him shots, someone walked and fed him and I decided to foster him. A vet and a tech neutered him. I risked getting mange while treating him for his. Two friends of mine and a woman I've never met paid for his heartworm treatment. Two groomers from Petsmart donated his cute grooming. Someone took his picture and someone else put him on 2 adoption websites. All these people worked to save his life and get him ready for a new home. People involved in rescue do things like this every day, basically cleaning up after owners who choose not to care for their pet.
Pauli would like a home with no cats and children over 8 years old.He is crate trained and used to dry food only.
The adoption fee is 89.00. My fosters live with me until adoption, so he won't be at the shelter; I make appointments to meet potential adopters there to see Pauli.

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