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Saturday, September 22, 2007

17 lb dog survives hit and run; left with 2 broken legs

Last Friday, this precious baby was hit and left. People drove right by him. Thank
God a good samaritan finally stopped and took him to Citizens for Animal Protection.
More goodness ensued as an employee came to work early and so could take him in. He was rushed to a vet for triage; shelters cannnot usually pay the kind of vet bill
his injuries entailed so have to keep the pet as comfortable hoping for an owner to show up. (He had no id, nor was he neutered).

By the time he sat at the shelter all weekend he tugged at everyones' heartstrings,
including mine, so I decided to try to raise funds to fix his broken legs. In fact
I took a big gamble and arranged for the surgery before even getting a chance to
raise any money!

Westbury Animal Hospital has been helping me do rescue since 1991 and Dr Jeff Chalkley did a tremendous job in this orthopedic repair. He started at 2:30 and with the help of Dr Jonathan Cooper and head honcho Dr L D Eckerman finally finished
at 6 pm on Tuesday. It was so extensive they were not able to neuter him so will do it later.
Frankie is still not out of the woods; if infection sets he, he may still lose one leg. We will be going back twice a week for check ups and are looking at a several month rehabilitation period. I'll be posting updates and pictures as often as possible.


Sue said...

Janet, I so appreciate the opportunity to know how Frankie is doing -- have wondered about the little dear all day long. (Saw his photo in Thursday's Chronicle but could find no updates.) Please give him a *gentle* hug next time you see him! And by the way, how can anyone interested contribute towards his vet bill?

Janet said...

Thanks, Sue for caring. Frankie lives with me so I'll give him several hugs from you!
Donations can be mailed to CAP-Frankies Fund 11925 Katy Freeway,
Hou Tx 77079.