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Monday, October 29, 2007

Frankie recuperating well after tibia break

This week he is sporting a bright yellow bandage. Dr Chalkley cut out the word "BOO" in black VetWrap and it looked so cute down his cast, but Frankie demolished it on the way home before I could even get a picture.

An Italian greyhound I am fostering broke her radius and ulna last Tuesday while playing with her son; the cool weather being the culprit, so there are now 3 orthopedic cases under my care!

1 comment:

Sue said...

Janet, this is wonderful news!! I've been picturing one frustrated little guy nestled amid the huge pillow, growling to himself because he can't race around.... And he chewed off the BOO? What a character! (I'm sure your entire orthopedic wing had plenty of Halloween treats, BOO or no BOO.) Thanks a million for the good report!