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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Thanks to foster homes a few older dogs find forever homes thru CAP

Citizens for Animal Protection is able to adopt out a few older and less adoptable dogs and cats thanks to an extensive foster home system. Due to the overwhelmingly numbers, shelters are usually

not able to have these babies take up cage space since they take longer to get adopted.These "older dog" foster homes shoulder the responsibility of finding homes often thru their networking and the shelter website and screen homes for suitability. They frequently take on the financial side also.

These are 3 lucky dogs that the 2 foster homes kept for over a year until the right adopter came along. Gomez, the black chihuahua, went with a wonderful lady who prefers older dogs and has adopted from CAP before.

Baby, the blonde, went to a man who has privately rescued a chihuahua before and already had a chihuahua from the SPCA. Baby has been known to shop on Ebay and sneaks in with her owner to places where dogs are not supposed to go! She is so charming that people look forward to her visits.

2Bits, a precious little 2 pounder when he was found is now 3 lbs and awaiting surgery to fix a knee. I raised funds for him by charging people .25 to pet him.
Of course most people gave quite a bit more! He is now in a wonderful home with several other older dogs including Rocky, another older chihuahua adopted from CAP
a couple of years ago.
These are rare success stories and all 3 of these homes feel blessed to have their older babies. Please consider adopting an older dog or cat.

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Anonymous said...

For us, adopting an older [but better]dog has worked out well. They are easy to get back into house training if they have forgotten, and really do seem grateful for having a second chance at a forever home. Both 2bit and Rocky are now great friends although their personalities are very different. Rocky is more quiet and 2 Bit is well, very wild for whatever older age he is! They give us far more than we could ever offer them!