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Monday, October 1, 2007

Another good check up today for Frankie

and yet another new bandage! He is so good during all that has to be done to him, either licking or wagging his tale much of the time.
He is trying to use the back leg every once in a while and is using the front leg very well. I no longer have to hold him up while he's outside, YEA!!! He is not yet allowed to walk much, but he really wants to badly....

Dr Chalkley is hoping the soft cast can be eliminated on Friday.
Thanks to Dr Flores for the artwork on his cast!


Sue said...

Your updates on Frankie are much appreciated, Janet. What a relief he's doing so well -- he must be a little bewildered by his sudden turn of fortune. I'm keeping the fingers crossed that all continues to go well for him!

Lynn said...

Such good news about Frankie! We got to meet him on Saturday at CAP and he is one precious little guy. Janet is taking such good care of him and he is in very good hands. Thanks for your compassion and for all you do for these sweet animals.