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Friday, October 5, 2007

Oh no, Frankie suffers a setback!

The pin in the really bad leg has slipped so Dr Chalkley has to go back in next Tuesday and do some corrective work. I'm so disappointed, Frankie is feeling really well and wants to move around. This was not a total surprise due to the bone damage,
but creates more problems since it now delays his rehab even more and lessens his
percentage of muscle recovery.
I'm pretty down today about it. He is such a precious boy.


Sue said...

That is troubling news, Janet, but even with the setback, he's better off by far than he was a couple weeks ago! It sounds like he has many friends pulling for him, though: we'll keep up with him and do what we can to help. I'm so grateful that you and Dr. Chalkley are trying so hard for Frankie. Thinking of all three of you, and keeping my fingers crossed.

Trudy said...

I love that precious dog, even though I have not met him. I have already sent a sizable contribution toward his treatment. Please keep posting news about Frankie. My dog, Meghan, came from a rescue shelter in Galveston. She is wonderful and I totally support the abandoned and/or hurt and mistreated animals, especially dogs.