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Saturday, October 6, 2007

2 Shih Tzus get adopted today!

Casey and Tarquin both went to wonderful homes today and I couldn't be happier.
Casey's great new dad came to me as a referral from Meyerland Animal Hospital, thanks
to Lisa for connecting us.
Tarquin got lucky via Petsmart Fry Road. I'm often there on Thursdays with foster dogs and decided to take him at the last minute this week. His new family got a
great reference from one of my favorite vets, Dr Kathy Sutton, so thanks for her
help in placing him in such a good home.
Casey is on the right after his grooming, Tarquin is on the left after my hacking
much of the horrible mats out, but before grooming. They both came in in horrible condition.

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