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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Frankie's Suitemate Monte

This is the one year old Jack Russell turned in for being too active. She also has an unexplained leg fracture so has to be crated for a month, hence her association to Frankie in the "orthopedic wing".
She is being very good even though wanting to play as badly as Frankie does.
Monte is now spayed and will make a wonderful pet in a home that understands this active breed. She will also need a buddy dog.
For some reason I cannot get her photo to upload, will keep trying.


Sue said...

Thanks again, Janet, for your updates on Frankie & his orthopedic pals: doesn't sound like you get much rest. I can imagine how they will bounce off the walls when their long-awaited crate release comes! Still keeping the fingers crossed for a happy, healthy outcome for our boy Frankie.

Janet said...

Sue, thanks for you good thoughts, especially right now after the latest problem.Poor Frankie...