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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Welcome to Petstuffresale blog

OK, so I'm a dinosaur finally waking up to having a blog! Given that my business is pet related and my volunteer work is pet related, this is what I know best. In 21 years of doing rescue, many, many people have helped me and it makes sense to pass on their information as I learn it myself. My animal passions are sighthounds, geriatric chihuahuas, heartworm positive dogs and parrots.
I also feel for feral cats and biter dogs, none of them were born that way..humans were involved somewhere.
In my business, Pet Stuff Resale, I try to give judicious help to pet owners and prospective pet owners. If someone who works 12 hours a day wants a puppy and I can steer them elsewhere,I don't mind losing a crate sale.
I hope to hear from some of my adopters and customers on this blog.
Janet Huey


Sherry said...

and Janet is the wisest friend ever.... who advised me not to spoil my little Brookshire hound dog rotten and let him have ALL the pillow on the bed. haha.
But I didn't know Parrots is on your list of favorites. So this will become a very popular Blog!

Debbie said...

Janet is a special pet angel. I totally love Chachi, who I adopted from Janet. Chachi is so happy and even plays with my other babies.