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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Every day is Earth Day at Pet Stuff Resale

One of the reasons I started PSR back in 1997 was to keep so much plastic and metal out of landfills. When cracked plastic crates came in, I would throw away the cracked part and save the good part to reuse when possible. When I moved out into
the country it became possible to burn the plastic. I prefer burning to heavy plastic taking up so much space in a landfill and have lost count of the cubic feet saved in 4 years.

It is common to get in metal crates that are no longer usable; at times it is possible to recycle parts as well as doors from plastic crates. Adding to the reduce, reuse, recycle theme, a man drives by and takes away whatever is on a trailer near my driveway, so he benefits and I don't use up gas.

Part of the green movement is to save money and Pet Stuff Resale is definitely in line with that!

It is still the only business of its kind anywhere in the United States that I can find and of course all items are disinfected.

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