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Friday, May 22, 2009

At Pet Stuff Resale a doll bed makes a great dog bed

Dog beds needn't all be round and fuzzy according to Flambeau, my 10 plus year old model.
This wooden crib is a great way to keep the dog off of the floor and contains dog hair better. Even though it is on rockers, it doesnt move much and Flambeau has no trouble jumping into it. The bed is 24"x 14 1/2 and the sides are 8" high.
It has small rosebuds on each end.
At Pet Stuff Resale this dog bed is 14.00; an inexpensive duplicate of the furniture type bedding that is popular today.

Flambeau is a frequent model, not because he is my pride and joy, but because he LOVES the camera
and loves going into things; esp very small cat cages, go figure.

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