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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Heartworms are SO preventable say these chihuahuas

Both of these precious babies came into a shelter with heartworms. As small as they both are, the treatment is much harder on them, more expensive and more time consuming.
Skeeter on the left also has a grade 4 heart murmur, common in heartworm positive dogs, which

makes his treatment even trickier. Rica on the right came in from a backyard breeder of another

breed, which just compounds this felony.

They both wanted the camera to go away in the first picture, but with a little patience, I was able to get a wary shot of them. Their cooperation bolted the second this photo was snapped!

Houston is the number one market in the United States of the nasty(but necessary) heartworm treatment, Immiticide. I would love to see Houston lose that negative

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