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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Dog Faces in the Crowd

It's treat time at doggy day care at Jester Plaza Vet Clinic. They had NO interest in me,.all eyes on Dovie!

Rica is a a 3 year old blonde chihuahua given up by a back yard breeder of shelties.She is my foster and looking for a home.

It's almost not fair that I have a job where I can drive around to lots of pet related places and see such neat babies:)  This is 14 year old Snort(what a great pug name!) at Kingsland Blvd Animal Clinic getting a check up. He is happier than he looks here!

This is Lacey and most of Gracie(who has  the same great face!) in their HUGE yard  in Cypress( I think).
I pass by their house every day, they have a huge patio and Kuranda beds and the life of luxury. I stopped my truck in the middle of the road to get their pictures. Their momma said she rescued them near her job. Their buddy Moose's picture did not come out.

Sweetie was spotted at the new KAAWS Clinic on 529 near Queenston. She was getting a rabies vaccine and heartworm test. Of course I chatted with her owner about getting her spayed and he said he was going to. Her temperament matches her name!

When I am not pursuing pretty dog faces I buy and sell new and used pet,
and not just dog stuff, they are just the easiest to capture on film!